Wayne Branch - The Saint 9x12 Vellum Print

9x12 Vellum Print of Wayne Branch's original wood block art #5.

Henry the Domibeantrix 9x12 vellum print

9x12 vellum print of Henry the Lima Bean as Domibeantrix.

hos fotografen

hos fotografen

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The hos fotografen cassette by areknuteknyterne is one of our favorite albums from the cassette culture era of 1980-1995. It's a "best of" collection of songs and experiments by Norwegian artists Jostein Lien and Kjell P. Dahlmo, loaded with humor and lots of surprises at every turn. It's noisy, folky and charming. Originally released by Jan Bruun's Hypertonia label in 1990 with cover art by Anton Balsam, it was digitized from a new master for the Homemade Music shop in 1999 and now it's available on Blind Mime.

Granular Vox

A granular synth vox loop.

License To Thrill

By home, 2015-09-13
License To Thrill

Blind Mime is building an online store for people who are into artists who create to fulfill their passion to create. Since I first found out about other artists who were making cassettes and trading them with people around the world, I began writing about it in GAJOOB Magazine. And, of course, there were also people making zines and prose and art and then video and other things, and I wrote about that too.

The whole thing just fascinates me. The entire process of working on something and bringing it to life as something like an album or a book or whatever -- putting it out there for people to experience for money or not.  It's just the putting it out there aspect that matters. Or maybe not even that; sometimes I stumble on things that haven't really been put out, so I guess it's really just the idea that a thing has been created for what it is.

Anyway, maybe there are people like me who love this kind of thing and want more of it in their lives.

So we've got this nice production facility and we can do things like posters, calendars, postcards, t-shirts and many other things. Your art can be expressive to people in many ways. People who buy a poster or calendar are actually expressing themselves through your art and I think it's great to be a part of that. 

It's kind of my own art, really. I take art and create another way of expressing it. I did this when I started Tapegerm with excerpts from old cassette albums and asking others to make new music with old sounds. Blind Mime is the same thing.

If you're an artist we want to license your work. We want to talk to you about it and write about it in our magazine. We want to turn people on to it and share our excitement about it. Contact us if you'd like to be a part of it.


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I will be purchasing our church tapes from here until Jesus comes back!

I was searching for a source of cassettes for an upcoming slate of Blind Mime releases and found this in a comment here:

We couldn't pass it up!

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Porkopolis Holiday Card Pack

A reproduction of a hand-stamped one-off postcard sent to GAJOOB's Bryan Baker in 1993. You get 24 7x5-inch foldover cards in a package. Perfect for spreading your holiday card cheer outside of the box. 

The Blind Mime Graphic Production House
Blind Mime is gearing up to carry more cool indie and outsider arts stuff. This huge flatbed printer lets us print on lots of different materials, from cork coasters to cd's and we've got a ton of ideas we want to throw at it as soon as we can.
Porkopolis Christmas Poster

17x11 inch color poster. The art is taken from a stamped postcard sent to GAJOOB by Porkopolis label guy Jerry Allen.

CD Coasters

Actual CD faces printed on actual coasters. This is a roll your own kind of deal where you tell us what you want on the coaster and we print it. Doesn't really have to be a CD face if you want something different. We just think they're kinda cool. Order a bunch to hand out at shows to promote your new CD. Order in packs of 6. One image per pack. After placing order go to HERE to send the picture you want to put on the coaster. We run these in batches so currently please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Tell your friends to join in so the wait isn't as long!

The Smell of Success, Vol. 1

The Smell of Success, Vol. 1 was released and packaged together with GAJOOB Magazine #10 in 1997.  It's a collection of songs featuring artists GAJOOB had been reviewing for over a decade, professionally mastered and replicated -- it represented the first appearance on CD for many of the artists which included: Michael J. Bowman, Lords of Howling, Scott Brookman, Doug Michael, Stegor, Ralph Solo, Rotcod Zzaj, John M. Bennett, Book of Kills, Art Paul Schlosser, Murad Blume, Elven Shadows, Dead Air, Dino DiMuro, Russ Stedman, Plundershop, NOMUZIC, Vanilla Buttshake, BF Baker, Ken Clinger, Ray Carmen and BB2X4. Here the CD is packaged on its own in a new insert design developed by GAJOOB editor Bryan Baker especially for Blind Mime.

Global Loop Madness

The Tapegerm Collective made 36 albums in its first two years of existence. This is the 36th. This double CD set was written and recorded in one month in 2002. Global Loop Madness was a project managed by Chris Phinney, collecting a large pool of loops from artists both inside and outside the collective and then opening the set up for free download and freeform creation. The result was 20+ artists and 29 recordings. It very possibly represents Tapegerm at the height of its collaborative activity.

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