blind mime

is a multimedia netlabel founded by Bryan Baker (GAJOOB Magazine, Tapegerm, Homemade Music). We feature music, prose, illustration, photography, zine making and all kinds of other outsider art.

Visit the Shop for all kinds of unique creations. The blind mime Production House at agWest is a graphic production facility in Salt Lake City which helps facilitate custom work by artists -- everything from zines to posters, decals to large vinyl wall designs. It gives our artists lots of tools to offer cool things on demand.

If all this sounds like your kind of thing we suggest ordering a blind mime box filled with lots of these kinds of things: zines, cassettes, comics, posters, decals, bumper stickers, photo books and whatever fits

Much of blind mime's growing digital catalog is available under a Free Art Credo -- download or stream it freely and share it commonly while supporting the artists however you can. Just click the Support buttons to become a one-time patron of an artist's efforts.

Read about how we work with artists if you are interested in being a blind mime artist. Follow blind mime on Twitter and Tumblr for all the latest events.